Uvida, a Tucson Start-Up Goes Global

Beth Naughton knew her stylish, sun-wear company was taking off when she recently saw a woman wearing one of her shirts, two states away. “I was just in Denver and looked up to see a woman walking down the street in a red Uvida shirt…” said the co-owner and marketing director of Uvida UV-protective Sportswear. “When she told me how much she loved it, I couldn’t help but smile. That is my definition of success.”

Uvida has now branched well out of Tucson to reach spas, resorts and country clubs in California, Texas and Nevada; as well as, internationally, in Turkey, Dubai, Mexico and Canyon Ranch “Spa Club at Sea” cruise ships. “People are buying Uvida aboard ships that sale to Alaska, Europe and the Caribbean,” said the busy mom of two.

“It is more than a full-time job now,” she said. “I love what I am doing and still manage to keep up with my kiddos’ active lives. I just spend many late nights and weekends trying to keep up!” The brightly hued, stylishly cut sun shirts can still be found in retail boutiques across our desert city, including the University of Arizona bookstores, where they boast the distinctive “A.” Uvida has also launched a men’s line, which appears to be selling well, and its website (uvidasportswear.com) now offers a blog on sun protection and skin cancer from one of Naughton’s partners–Tucson skin cancer surgeon Dr. Michael Huether.

“We are working hard to stay true to our mission,” said Naughton. “Uvida UV-protective Sportswear offers people with active lifestyles protection from the sun’s damaging rays. I personally have been overwhelmed with the support I’ve received in the Tucson community. Friends and business associates have really helped me to grow our business and believe in our mission.”

Next stop – Oprah!


2 thoughts on “Uvida, a Tucson Start-Up Goes Global

  1. Tara! Thank you so much for the awesome article! You made my day.

    Are you posting this on Facebook? I’ll be sure to share. Thank you so much for your support!

    Beth W. Naughton Co-owner and Marketing Director Uvida UV-protective Sportswear

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