Seduced by Sisley


I recently fell for the oldest cosmetic counter trick ever.  As I walked through the beauty department at Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC,  a well-dressed man came up to me and said I was “so pretty” and would I like to try Sisley Paris products? Shoot, I was trapped. It was the same dread I felt when a mom “complimented” my skin at baby swim practice and then offered me a Mary Kay facial. (insert “smack my head” emoji here)

I knew two things about Sisley–Very. Expensive. (For good reason, Sisley has been made by the same family since it was founded in 1976.) Still, I was easily coaxed into sitting down for a product trial. He motioned to Becky, one of the cosmeticians and said, “a beautiful woman would like to try some products.” Man, he was good.

But Becky, from Jerusalem, was the kindest, most nurturing person–like a sweet grandmother, really, with the most perfect skin. She luxuriously slathered three amazing products on my skin. They were so soothing, I almost started to think, “gosh…… $500 isn’t that much for a skin serum……” Wait! What? No! I snapped back to reality and said with a panic, “I…I’m sorry, these are incredible but I can’t buy anything today!” She smiled and sensing my anxiety, said it was fine, she didn’t care. She kept talking to me and went out of her way to make my skin feel amazing. So, if you ever find yourself in NYC and you need Sisley products, please buy them from the wonderful Becky at Saks. As soon as I win the lottery, that’s where I will be.

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