GameDay Gal

Arizona boots

Arizona boots

In terms of cute game-day apparel (especially for the non-coed set), Arizona is still lagging behind Texas and virtually every team in the SEC. Just browse through any  athletic apparel site. They make so much more for other schools! I mean, the University of Texas has its own MEN’s COLOGNE! Where is our Wildcat Musk, huh?

That said, there are some cool stores here in Tucson and online that offer some unique clothing and shoes that are worth checking out now. Listen, Chuck Cecil is coming back this year! Rich Rod–I’m a big fan of his, his wife is super stylish–is going to have an amazing season. I’m calling it now! Wildcat football fans are bred to always be hopeful…

Where to shop:

Amazon – Arizona Wildcat boots

Arizona Attire – Unique Wildcat clothing, jewelry and clear purses

Embellish Boutique, Etsy – Gameday jewelry, home accessories and apparel

Gameday Couture ( – Finally, cute clothes with women in mind

Plunkett’s Hallmark – Adorable flip flops and blinged-out tees

Handmade Wildcat cuffs

Cat cuffs



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