The Next Time You Have Nothing to Wear…

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The next time you look in your closet and think you have nothing to wear, pick one item that you do have and look it up on Pinterest to see how they style it. This has saved me so many needless retail trips or at least afforded me more thoughtful trips where I spend less. As a society, we overproduce clothing and then cast it off too frequently these days. Drive by any Goodwill or resale store and you will see. I honestly think we will never run out of clothing in this world. There are stunning outfits to be created, right from your own closet! Seriously not preaching, this post is for me too. I recently threw three skirts on the floor, convinced I look like Tommy Boy in them.

2 thoughts on “The Next Time You Have Nothing to Wear…

  1. I always read your posts with great interest – and I always take something positive away with me.

    Tonight’s post was GOLD. GOLD I tell you!

    I currently have three almost full bags of donations in my closet. Why? Well, because I buy on a whim and I don’t think it through.

    From now on, I’m visiting Pinterest. Brilliant Tara – thank you!

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