I’ll Never be Sharon Stone but…


In a recent article fittingly titled, “You Won’t Look Like Sharon Stone at 59,” (thanks so much for the reminder) The New York Times Style section quizzed actress Sharon Stone on her favorite products. One she talked about, Rituals Shower Foam, caught my eye.ย I walked into a Rituals store last summer in London and it smelled so heavenly, I did not want to leave! Stone said she bought it on Amazon, so I ordered a can of the Ritual of Dao–again, because she said that was the one she liked and I’m sure she has good instincts! (wink, wink) Well….although it took a month to arrive, it is TO DIE FOR! It makes the whole shower experience impossibly glamorous. Plus, my skin smelled incredible the entire day. So, while I will never look like Stone, I might just smell as good! You can also order it from the Rituals website.

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