White Shirts Galore at Posh


I’m a hurry-up girl. Always have been. I move too fast, I knock my daughters out with my elbows if they stand too close. I take corner walls too fast. The night I won homecoming queen in college, I accidentally socked a girl in the eye who was trying to hug me. I raced down the aisle at my wedding. You get the gist..

I don’t know how to slow down, which is why, when helping a customer at Posh Boutique yesterday, I rushed past a drawer pull and ripped three, yes, THREE buttons off my white blouse! So, instead of showing everyone my stomach for the rest of the day, I looked around the store for a replacement and found the most buttery soft Madewell white blouse. And just so you know, good white blouses are sometimes hard to find in T-town. So, for all of you who need one, Posh has some nice varieties and sizes right now. Come and see and I promise….I won’t get too close.

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