Kanye Fave Carhartt at Miller’s Surplus


The newly stylish construction clothing line, Carhartt, is a Kanye West favorite of late, according to Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, and apparently Tucson is in the loop. Miller’s Surplus, the age-old military stock-up store near downtown, carries the line of sturdy jackets in black as well as the trademark Carhartt brown that, as the sales assistant said, “there’s just something about…” I agreed! I bought a brown Carhartt tool belt for work!!

Miller’s store, a Tucson landmark since 1951, is a warehouse full of military garb and real camo. It also features showcases of military pins and patches for those who want to rightfully honor our armed forces or just dress the part. A bonus is the signature “Greetings from Tucson” mural painted on the store’s side. I always wondered where that sign was…

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