The Bold Type is a Fashion Writer’s Dream

Embed from Getty Images

If you love fashion and have ever dreamed about writing for a magazine like Vogue, Elle or Marie Claire (me, me and um, me), The Bold Type** is the best show on television. And this is from a girl who often has ESPN on every night (what can I say….dual passions!) This show is everything! It’s on Freeform and now in Season 2, but do yourself a favor and look it up On Demand so you can watch Season 1 or even YouTube… can thank me later, or curse me, whichever fits. If ONLY I had an editor like Jacqueline in my early years as a reporter…Yeah, it’s a fantasy, but that’s what makes this show magic.

**Note: The show does have a lot of sex scenes and a lesbian relationship, which is just a heads up for moms.

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