Tommy Hilfiger is SO Back!


Tommy Hilfiger must be a happy billionaire these days because his red, white and blue clothing is trendy again with the younger set. The display above is from Urban Outfitters, and the line is showing up in millennial boutiques everywhere. I once bought a navy TH rain jacket in 1996 when I was living in Atlanta and it was a warm, rainy day and I wanted to look as cute as a drowned, frizzy-haired rat could look. I kept the jacket, wore it on my honeymoon in Hawaii and it has since stayed in my closet for the last 22 years! My teenager found it the other day and I’ve never seen her so happy. The other teen isn’t so happy, but I think they’ve agreed to share it. Bravo Tommy for staying relevant all these years! Can’t say as much for Guess jeans.

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