The Fashion of Golf WAGS

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While my husband is glued to the TV, watching The Open, I prefer to focus on the wives and girlfriends. Their fashion and swag is totally addictive! When I mentioned this to him, he rolled his eyes and was like, you are crazy. But seriously, look at these pictures! When the men dress alike, so do the WAGS! They are all beautiful, which, like of course, right? And they get presents! Expensive presents. When Accenture was still in Tucson, I noticed, enviously, that every significant other was wearing a Gucci belt bag. During the Masters? They all had on red Hunter boots. Look at the sweaters in one of these pictures. You don’t see this degree of group fashion in any other athlete-trophy wife sport, do you? So, next time you watch or are forced to watch golf, see if you can spot these stylish women! Either that, or nap…

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

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