Zulily Good for Sulking



It’s taken me two days to get over the debacle that was UA’s first football game! So disappointing for us long-suffering, non-Rose Bowl-going Wildcat fans.

But, online shopping—or endlessly browsing and putting things in my cart and then never buying them–has proven to be a perfect distraction.

Zulily.com has been my kryptonite of late. It’s a funky, addictive shopping destination that prides itself on offering “something special every day.” Named the fifth most innovative retail company by Fast Company magazine in 2015, Zulily continues to be that successful site that no one knows about. It offers limited time sales and then, places a large order from the company, shipping you items about 15-20 days after you order them–a bit longer to wait. But worth it!

And while there are some random choices on the site, a little post-football, depressive browsing can unearth some unique dresses, tops, faux fur jackets, even some designer goods. Zulily is also a great way to find new, emerging labels you haven’t heard of or can find anywhere near T-town.

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