Keep it Personal


If they’d told us in the 80s that we’d someday drink water from plastic bottles, I’m sure we would have scoffed. But then again, we were using rotary phones and boom boxes then. We had no idea the InterWeb was coming.

Same goes for hand towels. Now, a plain towel in your guest bathroom is just not enough! You need to have disposable options, and listen if we’re going to have them, might as well personalize them right?

A very favorite store on Etsy is a great bargain for these. NewHopeSoap, out of Worcester, Mass., offers 100 personalized towels for $54, which is a ganga deal if you compare that to Ballard Designs, which offers 50 for $51.75. Plus, they come all bundled up with a cute little ribbon. A nice little way to let people think you have it all together.

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