T-Town Tidbits…

T-Town Tidbits

A few things seen and heard around town this week…Happy Friday!

Don’t bring cash if you expect to buy the luxury makeup and hair care at bluemercury! Yep, the store at La Encantada doesn’t accept cash anymore, only credit and debit cards.  Whaaaat? Are there other stores in T-town that don’t accept cash? Um, I’m sorry…if I still have to drive over a million potholes on decrepit roads, I think the stores here can accept cash. Too bad Peter Thomas Roth moisturizer, I’ll catch you another time…

at home, the new home superstore that’s replacing the Target on Broadway is planning to open on Jan. 29. I hope this becomes a trend because there are WAY too many empty storefronts here. It’s depressing!

-While you won’t find many coats anymore at Burlington – they even took “coat” out of their name – sometimes you can find a few treasures. Like these metal purses. I think they are so cute and have that vintage vibe. $26.99! Kind of cool…



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