How to Look like a Caddie



I recently had the cool opportunity to be a caddie for my hubby at a PGA event here in T-town. And while hauling his clubs and filling divots is really reward enough, I had to figure out something cute to wear! So, a few places here offer some nice, last-minute golf fashion options for an over-40 gal. Also, self-tanner is a huge must, even though from the pics, I really could have done a better coverage job, but alas…

PGA Superstore – I found a Nike off-white tennis skirt on clearance at this Oracle Road store among numerous options, but this one I could use for tennis too. Some very stylish golf clothes here!

T.J. Maxx – I mean, if you are not looking at their active wear at all times, you are missing out. I found a Nike collared gray shirt ($13!!) that seemed to whisk the sweat away. I’m not sure but it appeared to do the trick.

(Photo by William Daigneault for Unsplash)

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