Pacifica Beauty Holds its Own

Pacifica Beauty is among the myriad vegan beauty brands that adorn the shelves of Ulta, Sprouts and other retailers, but now seems more popular than ever. I have found more than a few Pacifica products that function just as well as more expensive versions. Launched in the late 1990s by Brook Harvey-Taylor, who grew up on a Montana cattle ranch, the brand is popular with our Gen Zers—which is how Pacifica first crossed my radar. A birthday present last year included a Rose Flower face mist that actually felt gentle and hydrating, as opposed to other sprays that can be drying. (I will never forget sitting in a doctor’s office with my kids as they kept staring at my face. Finally, they asked why my skin was peeling off. Yep, it was from another rose facial spray!) I have since bought the eyeshadow palettes for friends and recently tried the Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream. All good – no skin peeling. Pandemic got you down? LIKE, UNDERSTATEMENT! Pacifica might be a fun brand to try right now.

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