Self-Care Sunday

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The past few weeks have been perhaps the worst of 2020. Watching close friends get COVID-19, losing loved ones and at the same time, isolating ourselves to stay protected. The combination–add in the 24-7 news cycle of doom–is plummeting our collective mental health to rock bottom. My friends and I talk about how so much quarantine time with close family is igniting our fight-or-flight response and we are hitting Zoom fatigue at an alarming rate. Our health care workers are in a war zone, trying to save as many patients as they can, and feeling stress and burnout we will never comprehend. The other day I was Googling “How to fix depression” and cried on my way home from the grocery store. Today, I can’t remember why!?

Are you all feeling this? Please comment and reach out if you are. Because we can’t have huge fun in large crowds or parties, we have to embrace the small, golden moments we have every day. That’s literally all we have. Whether that is a long walk or a new lipstick, a social-distanced lunch, having a glass of wine (and maybe not the entire bottle—just saying…my “Who cares, it’s a pandemic?” attitude is not helping me). These baby steps are what we have to cling to until this horrible virus becomes a memory. This is our war, our revolution, our sacrifice.

I hope you all are staying well and hanging in there, connecting with people you love, and doing things that you love. Hope you all get some needed self care today. God bless!

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