Hey CeraVe, Where you at?

Photo by Linda Prebreza on Pexels.com

Has anyone else noticed that CeraVe products are in short supply here in T-town? After visiting CVS and Target looking for the body lotion and other products with no luck, I googled “CeraVe shortage” and I’m still torn on why this is happening? Last year, the company said its launch into Australia had forced a shortage of product availability, due to it being SUPER POPULAR! Um, so now is it Covid? What gives? When a girl needs the ceramide body lotion, where is she to go? If you have a secret spot here that you know about to find these products, please chime in below!

3 thoughts on “Hey CeraVe, Where you at?

  1. I’ve switched to using Working Hands. You can buy it behind the pharmacy counter at Costco and online. My physician friend told me about it. it’s not greasy.


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