A Fun Product for Luminous Skin After 50

My Instagram feed is an endless scroll of women trying to sell me stuff – products, supplements, skin care and make-up. But this one time, they were telling the truth!

This 3-in-1 cheek palette by Ulta ($15), bought as an impulse purchase, literally makes your skin look amazing, in my opinion. I wanted to try the baked powder because all the women in this one specific IG ad were older and it made them look great! So, it stuck with me. Since I just passed that half-century mark myself, I’m game for some miracles. I know Laura Geller makes the pricier, probably more-legit baked powder. But, for this price, I took a chance that it was similar and loved it. The one pictured is California Sunlight, but it also comes in Santorini Glow.

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