A Fun Product for Luminous Skin After 50

My Instagram feed is an endless scroll of women trying to sell me stuff – products, supplements, skin care and make-up. But this one time, they were telling the truth!

This 3-in-1 cheek palette by Ulta ($15), bought as an impulse purchase, literally makes your skin look amazing, in my opinion. I wanted to try the baked powder because all the women in this one specific IG ad were older and it made them look great! So, it stuck with me. Since I just passed that half-century mark myself, I’m game for some miracles. I know Laura Geller makes the pricier, probably more-legit baked powder. But, for this price, I took a chance that it was similar and loved it. The one pictured is California Sunlight, but it also comes in Santorini Glow.

Signature Scent

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Recently, I went to a perfume-making class at Antsy Nancy and literally, I now have my own signature scent! The instructor, Miriam Vareldzis, led us through a fascinating history of scent and the skills necessary to become a master perfumer, which is honestly years and years of commitment. But with her help in one two-hour class, I was able to combine the top, middle and bottom notes of different scents to create an individual perfume I LOVE! And the best part? Not one other person in the world has it. If you haven’t checked out the classes at Antsy Nancy in Tucson, you are seriously missing out! Antsy Nancy gives you all the supplies you need to create a specific project you will take home, kids and adults alike! And the added benefit for adults is wine if you would like it!

Salt of the Desert

Recently, a few very sweet friends told me they missed my blog posts (I will say alcohol was involved…), but I thought well, what the heck—I’ll just try again!

And I’m excited to brag about this fun Tucson company, Agave Pantry, which curates the best seasoning salts that make awesome gifts for your fave chef friends. Agave Pantry make a Chef’s Set ( with rosemary salt, piquant salt and cardamom salt) and also a Baker’s Set (cardamom rose salt, lavender salt and Sonoran desert salt). The company also makes delicious cookies, caramels and cakes, which I haven’t tried yet, but the pictures look amazing.

I’ve sent the salt sets to a few friends and the very best part is that they come with the cutest little clay spoon to get the spices out of the jar. Brilliant! Also, the packaging is very stylish and its nice to support a local T-town company!

The Wedding Sketcher

Earlier this month, I had a cool opportunity to sketch guests at an elegant wedding at the Arizona Biltmore. It was such an honor and one of my favorite memories of late! While we were kind of in the dark and had to use our iPhone lights to see, my super-talented daughter and I had an incredible time illustrating the guests and then quietly handing the drawings out in gold-lined envelopes! We had so much fun!