Pearl Denim Vest

Finally, one project that was NOT a Pinterest fail…



Wildcat Fashion Illustrations




Miller Time


I would like to mention that after I posted this illustration on social media, two guys with floor seats at last night’s epic game, in which Miller returned to coaching, wore shirts that said “Free Coach Miller.” Just sayin….


Years ago, there was an incredible magazine called Lucky, and it had the best fashion editors, the most creative elements like stickers and THE coolest fashion illustrations. I always wanted to figure out how to find them for stories I wanted to write. My incredibly talented second cousin Lindsey Kate creates stunning images –the one on the front of this blog is hers–but budget-wise, I couldn’t buy all of her images. So, I just started to try and make my own and found a whole new love.



Fur Necklace

After searching Etsy for a similar collar, I decided to make my own with a white faux fur scarf from Target and a rhinestone necklace from Burlington Coat Factory (don’t judge! Burlington sells designer bags online so…..) The necklace is affixed with fabric glue from Hobby Lobby and my fabulous co-worker, G, advised me to keep the necklace intact so it would be an easy way to fasten the entire collar in the back. Kinda cool, right? And just in time for the string of 80-degree days we are expecting here in the desert! Oh well, I’ll be ready for next holiday season!


Arizona Attire

I’ve never really been happy with the Arizona Wildcats jewelry that you can buy in the stores here, so being the creative spirit that I am, I have been trying to make my own over the last few years. Here are a few of the bracelets and necklaces I have put together. And, even though my daughters sigh and say “Mom, you’re so extra….” I persevere…