I Love New York & Company

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Listen, would I love to shop Nordstrom every day? Sure, but sometimes I want to shop NOT online and actually see how things fit and maybe, go to one other store besides Dillards. New York & Company will surprise you with some of the cute pieces the store carries. I have recently found stylish metallic skirts, dresses with modern cuts, peplum tops and flowy jumpsuits. The Eva Mendes Collection, which now occupies its own attached store, is also good for a browse now and then. I’m just saying its worth a few minutes of your time to shop through as you avoid the mall kiosks and the pushy Oro Gold salesmen.

Francesca’s: My Kryptonite


I’m not small or super-skinny or in my 20s, but I cannot stop shopping at Francesca’s.ย The boutique lures me into its millennial clutches with its stylish rows of blouses, rompers and dresses in candy colors and perfect whites. Plus, the commitment factor is very low. Are most of the clothes made of polyester? Yes. Will they last a lifetime? No. So, it’s the perfect place to shop the Pinterest trends without substantial investment. These days, my teen daughters usually accompany me and offer their unfiltered commentary if I look at an item that I should, “please, never wear.” So, really……it’s fun for everyone! I’m dreading the day when the young girls who work there take me by the hand and escort me over to Soft Surroundings.