When in Coronado, Go Vintage


Though we are snarkily called “Zonies,” many of us desert dwellers flock to Coronado Island every year, between Memorial Day and Labor Day, to escape our 100-plus temps. My family has been coming here for almost 20 years, and honestly, it doesn’t feel like summer unless we have paid this magical island a visit. This year, there is a new little boutique that’s opened on Orange Avenue– Coronado Vintage. And it’s a must-visit. Not only do the owner and I share a mutual love of Fixer + Upper, but the store is a treasure trove of Coronado history. You can buy everything from grab bags of vintage collars to beach jewelry, to old postage stamps to clips that say “Queen.” And this very awesome hat (above) that I feel like a boss in. While there’s not a website, there is a Facebook page!

Zonie Invasion


We desert dwellers are a tough lot but when it’s 115 degrees, we get out of dodge!! Often, that means invading California and annoying the locals there. I like to joke that “Yes, how dare we come and pump all this money into your economy!” But, two places you should definitely visit if you go to one charming coastal town–Coronado Island–are Pretty Please and MJ Brown. Their breezy blouses, rompers and wrap sweaters are beautiful and not crazy expensive. Their clothes also still work when you return and school has started and it’s almost Halloween and still 100 degrees!