Let It Snow!

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Happy 2019!

Today is the reason you buy that stylish parka, even when it’s 100 degrees out!

Saguaro is a Style Star



The Saguaro cactus has exploded onto the home decor scene, especially at Hobby Lobby. Wall prints, stationery, laundry bags and more–all imprinted with happy little cactus depictions—seem perfect for a teen room remodel! They are also a nice little diversion from the entire region of Christmas accessories that are quietly plotting their takeover of the store.

Ready for 2018!

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This little blog started a long time ago under another name, but I became insecure about it one day and decided to end it. I didn’t think I had any authority to write about fashion and style. I’m not a model or a designer or an Instagram muse. I’m just a fan, living in T-town, far away from the legit fashion world.

Ending that blog was my worst mistake. Ever.

Because with that one move, I destroyed my joy. So, Zona Girl is the next chapter of that passion. I look forward to a new year of writing about looks that I love, people who inspire me and creative ideas that feed my spirit. I hope you enjoy reading it. I’m never letting it go again.

As this new year approaches, I hope you also say goodbye to any pain, insecurity or lost opportunity and say hello to new promises, new ideas and amazing new style!

Hope you all have a wonderful new year! Bring on 2018!