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In the year of #MeToo, it seems only appropriate that women would start rocking a tuxedo instead of an evening gown. This is definitely a look I would like to try. Hope Hicks, the White House’s communications director, recently wore a tuxedo to a state dinner in Japan and stole the night!I think there’s a certain way to do it though. The tuxedo must fit you perfectly, no bulk and no shoulder pads. And I think the white shirt is optional…

Cowgirl Chic


IMG_0160Tucson can do cowgirl chic.

It’s one of the few fashion treasures to be found in this desert city. Even our schools have off for Rodeo, so yes, we know our Western, thank you very much! Not even when I lived in Texas did we have a holiday totally devoted to appreciating the culture and lifestyle of the West. And now, with Elle magazine, just naming “luxury Western” as one of the fall fashion trends, there’s no better time to boot up.

One of the city’s go-to spots for all things luxe cowgirl is Boot Barn on Broadway. You probably miss it because it’s next to a Walgreens (insert eye-rolling face here), but despite its obscure location, the most beautiful boots are to be found here, including Dan Post, Shyanne and Ariat.  The rustic, musky smell that greets customers is proof that this three-decades old store has the real thing, with gorgeous boots ranging in price from the low $100s to upwards of $500.

Yet, Boot Barn also has edgy turquoise jewelry, boho-chic dresses and tops, blinged-out belts and unique home furnishings too.

Face it, Western will always be stylish…says the woman who just put a longhorn on her fireplace.

On the Contour


One of my college roommates took this Texas girl aside my freshman year and politely asked if she could convince me to stop looking like a Geisha. I hadn’t realized how much white powder I was using until she grabbed my brush and instead swirled it in her Revlon LovePat bronzer. (Sadly, they stopped making this!) I was blown away by how much better it looked! And now I’ve found its replacement–Wet & Wild Contouring Palette Contour (not sure why “contour” is listed twice…I guess it brings the point home!). It’s the best inexpensive bronzer and contour powder for our toasty climate, in my humble opinion. The more expensive makeup I try, the more I run back to the drugstore!

Purse Girl

I’ve always been a sucker for purses. Some girls prefer diamonds, others sports cars. For me, it’s always been about the purse. Fitting, that I work in an amazing purse consignment store! So, I wanted to share one of my new favorite finds on Etsy. Milanblocks, based out of Houston, makes stunning, luxury acrylic clutches that are unique and very Edie Parker-esque in their design, but not in their price ($70). When I found this cute, cactus-inspired one, I had to have it. Plus, many of them fit an iPhone 6 with case (nothing crazy big, now) inside.