Tucson Shopping Isn’t Always Bad


I was telling a new friend, recently, that I write a blog about shopping and fashion in Tucson, to which she replied, “There’s shopping in Tucson?” LOL, right?

I know we all say that and it’s seriously frustrating to find anything cool here. BUT, there are many exceptions and honestly, you have to have an open mind. I think you all know I work at Posh, which is my first favorite place for unique finds and the best resale designer bags. Seriously, you would be AMAZED what is brought in each week!

Whimsy and W boutiques also have beautiful, chic offerings.

And I write a lot about Stein Mart, which is what I’m shouting out today. Right now, it is chock full of beautiful holiday dresses, jumpsuits (two I’ve bought here now and get tons of compliments on..), and many shiny, blingy items with SLEEVES! Which, thank you, me and my rosacea arms appreciate! Plus, a healthy selection of obnoxious Christmas apparel and accessories for your next ugly sweater party! Tons of drapey sweaters and sequin leggings, even. Sure, my teens call it the old lady store, but I just really don’t think you can make a blanket statement like that…They’re just much more judgmental under the age of 18.

MSK Masters the Statement Sleeve

A little-known brand named MSK has a stylish selection of dresses that caters to the cold-shoulder trend–a fashion statement popular with us 40-and-overs–because as one comedian so perfectly puts it, “Here’s a part of my body I’m confident about!”

What makes many MSK dresses so beautiful are the intricate sleeve designs, weaving metallic thread or rhinestones within the long sleeve, and thus exposing only parts of the arm, which isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to showcase. While there’s not a lot to discover about the company online, MSK dresses can be found at Macy’s, Amazon, Stein Mart and sometimes, Nordstrom Rack.