About Last Night in Stylish T-town

Tucson felt a little more New York hip last night at Fashionarte 2019. The Tucson Museum of Art drew some stylish crowds at a VIP reception that precedes a May 4 runway show by talented Pima Community College design students. I tried my best to blend in with fake eyelashes that may or may not have made me look like a man in drag —still not sure.

The fashion installations from Desert Vintage and Gadabout were beautiful, as you can see from the pictures above. The bags from Posh were a huge hit (shameless plug) and I saw my friend’s daughter, the stunning blonde in green, who was modeling outfits from Nicholas K–which is as Kanyesque and haute as I’ve ever seen a line in T-town. And while the cocktails were tiny with huge prices, the bartender gave me a freebie because I named the Depeche Mode song the DJ was playing!