Friday Night Find


I mean….is there anything you can’t find at Target? This adorable football shirt, along with a few others like it, retails for $19.99 at everyone’s favorite store. It’s the perfect thing to snuggle up with as you watch the game this weekend.

Sure, your team may lose, your quarterback may be struggling, your season may be off to a rough 0-2 start after being hyped on the cover of Sports Illustrated…you know, hypothetically.

But you will look adorable whilst you watch…and hope….and pray.

Finally, A Comfy Trend


Yes, I know these are clearly for girls younger than 45, the millenials, the Pinterest muses….but I. Don’t. Care. The minute I tried on these furry slides ($22 at Target), I bought them. They are so incredibly comfortable and they don’t cause that between-the- toe pain from too much flip flop-wearing. Do they look like I’m wearing my bedroom slippers outside? Yes, they do. But, I’m not wearing them with pajamas so I think it’s fine.