Tom’s is a Tucson Treasure

I used to drive past Tom’s Fine Furniture & Collectibles¬†at the dreary corner of Pima and Craycroft with a bad attitude. Ugh, seriously, who shops there?

Well, apparently SMART PEOPLE DO! High-end interior designers, fashion collectors and many other people who are much smarter than I am!! How have I not known about this magical place? I have lived in Tucson for almost 20 years with no clue how cool Tom’s is. You need at minimum, five hours, to really get a feel for the place. Incredible furniture pieces, vintage signs, art and don’t even get me started on the vintage fashion and jewelry departments, ok? Furs, lucite bracelets, designer purses, estate jewelry, turquoise! My friend Haley — the one who knows all cool things about T-Town– found TWO Gucci suitcases there. I think I’m going once a week from now on.