The Return of Lanvin


As a history buff, the Lanvin label has always been a favorite of mine. Not only is it the oldest fashion house still in business (circa – 1893), but the fashion illustrations of founder Jeanne Lanvin’s designs continue to serve as beautiful inspiration for an amateur. Since celebrated designer Alber Elbaz was pushed out from the label in 2015, things have looked bleak for the elegant French brand, now under Chinese ownership. But, its latest show, under new 31-year-old designer Bruno Sialelli, has been a critical success, so truly hoping fashion history survives. Beautiful Lanvin pieces can still be found online at The Real Real and at Tucson’s Posh Boutique.

In Search of Elusive E.L.F. Primer



On the way home from volleyball practice, I was talking about Tatcha’s new coveted primer, The Silk Canvas, when my daughter’s BFF, Charlotte, told me, “There’s a dupe for that!”  I pretended to know what “dupe” was and asked her to tell me more. Turns out, it’s YouTube trending that E.L.F.’s Poreless Putty Primer delivers a similar skin priming for only $8 to Tatcha’s $52. So, um ya, I’m game! Well, unfortunately, everyone else is too! The E.L.F. product is sold out online and Ulta can’t keep it in stock. And then, my amazing friend Haley found a cache of them at Walmart!! I’ve used it once and I don’t know if it’s just the thrill of finally getting it or what, but it rocks! Happy hunting!

Retail Titan Terry Lundgren Loves Tucson

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I had the privilege of interviewing former Macy’s CEO and UA grad Terry Lundgren this month for an upcoming article in BizTucson magazine. Lundgren’s story is an incredible one. He led Macy’s for 14 years, bringing one of the country’s largest retail companies to its highest revenues in 2015, before retiring in 2018. Vogue editor Anna Wintour and designers Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang and Tory Burch are just a few who have lauded his efforts in the fashion industry. And he is genuinely a good guy. Lundgren once worked at The Solarium in Tucson, shucking oysters! He has also brought retail giants here for the last several years to talk winning strategy through his Global Retail Conference. “All that happened while I was at the University of Arizona meant everything to me,” he told me. Hope you will read the entire story in the Spring issue of BizTucson!

Oscar’s Best Looks 2019

I was kinda disappointed with the Oscar dresses last night! The ones the celebs wore to the Vanity Fair party were SO much better! Maybe it was because the entire night just seemed a little, blah. Can Jimmy Kimmel come back, please?

I did like the Lady Gaga-Bradley Cooper duet, although it was a tad scandalous in front of his model girlfriend? Here are my fave looks of the night. By the way, is it not annoying how perfect JLo is? She doesn’t drink, she doesn’t eat sugar, she always has one of the best looks of the night. She must have some vice!

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Fringe Festival


If there’s one 2019 trend that’s tailor-made for Tucson, it’s fringe. With Rodeo Break coming up, there’s no better reason to wear it. And, the western-themed strands shouldn’t be too hard to find in this town of boot stores.

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Scarf Style by Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo is one of the style icons I often follow on Pinterest. Her style, which is definitely unique to her, offers some new wardrobe ideas and fresh combinations. I’m not sure what her job is other than look fabulous all the time and not eat, but I particularly love how she incorporates scarves into her outfits. She’s even been known to wrap one around a wrist as a bracelet. Some fun ideas below:

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These Pins are Desert Gems


Amid the diamonds and precious gems at this year’s Tucson Gem & Mineral Show, there is a fun little booth to check out called Lauren-Spencer Group LLC. The company carries these cute desert crystal pins of cactuses, Wildcat paws and “Wild Cats” pins. Lauren-Spencer also has the delicate, drapey necklaces that the younger set loves, along with initial necklaces and horoscope bracelets. The company visits shows all over the U.S., but only in Tucson can you buy the jewelry outright, instead of order it.