T-Town Tidbits…

T-Town Tidbits

A few things seen and heard around town this week…Happy Friday!

Don’t bring cash if you expect to buy the luxury makeup and hair care at bluemercury! Yep, the store at La Encantada doesn’t accept cash anymore, only credit and debit cards.  Whaaaat? Are there other stores in T-town that don’t accept cash? Um, I’m sorry…if I still have to drive over a million potholes on decrepit roads, I think the stores here can accept cash. Too bad Peter Thomas Roth moisturizer, I’ll catch you another time…

at home, the new home superstore that’s replacing the Target on Broadway is planning to open on Jan. 29. I hope this becomes a trend because there are WAY too many empty storefronts here. It’s depressing!

-While you won’t find many coats anymore at Burlington – they even took “coat” out of their name – sometimes you can find a few treasures. Like these metal purses. I think they are so cute and have that vintage vibe. $26.99! Kind of cool…



Jason Wu at Kohl’s, Yes…Kohl’s


So, as much as we all understand that Tucson is often an online shopping town, there are surprises that do happen in T-Town! And, while escaping The Home Depot–which always overwhelms this non-tool girl–I discovered that global women’s designer Jason Wu has a limited-time capsule collection at Kohl’s and it is not bad!

Wu, winner of the Swarovski Award for Womenswear at the CFDA Fashion Awards, has created some stunning jumpsuits and dresses, just in time for the holiday season. Seriously, worth a trip to your nearest Kohl’s! While there, you can also look at the fun new looks by Rock & Republic and Elle. Also, Kohl’s UA section (or should I say UArizona) offers some unique things you can’t always find other places.

Tucson Woman Ahead of Headband Trend

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If you’ve taken notice of Duchess Kate’s newest obsession, it seems to be the high headband. And the royal is not the only fan. The headbands are all over Pinterest and even made Parade magazine’s 2019 Christmas Wish List.

But, I’d like to argue that my friend Griselda, whom we fondly call “Salma” bc of her movie-star looks, saw the trend coming before anyone else. She has been making beautiful, embellished headbands like those coveted by the duchess and other social media influencers for several months now.  You can find them, starting at $20 at Posh Boutique. Covered in velvet, satin and patterned fabric and studded with pearls and gemstones, this is a trend you don’t have to order. You can find it right here in Tucson!

You can also follow G’s instagram, ghobbies for more selection.

MSA Annex: Cool Shops in Shipping Containers


In the shadow of A Mountain and next to Caterpillar’s new digs lies a hip shopping destination that’s another true example of Tucson low-key cool: MSA Annex.

The annex is a cluster of shops and eateries housed in repurposed shipping containers, just down the street from Mercado San Agustin in what is shaping up to be a popular market district on Tucson’s west side.

Stores include novelty Tucson items (Why I Love Where I Live); minimalist women’s vintage (Luca Ryann); home accessories and global skin care brands (Now or Never); and a destination bar and bottle shop (Westbound) among several others.

MSA Annex has been hosting Summer Night Markets throughout the past few months and is gearing up for Mercado Flea next month, in which vendors will be selling vintage items, antiques and collectibles along the sidewalks and parking lots between the annex and Mercado San Agustin.

A definite desert destination as the temps drop!


Fashion of a Different Feather

Ever since Stein Mart and a few other stores started carrying feather-embellished clothing, my Pinterest board has been filling up with stylish ways to wear it–from jeans to dresses to jackets–all while trying to avoid looking like an emu.

Here are a few:

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CVS Beauty Haul = Happiness


Sometimes, you need only visit your corner CVS store to find a satisfying beauty haul.

“Haul” is a word that comes from YouTube and is when young influencers are sent hundreds of products to try, earn millions of dollars in endorsements and enjoy over-the-top Coachella accommodations while not earning a college degree.

So, when I’m killing time and musing over why my journalism degree doesn’t garner such luxuries, I find myself wandering the aisles of this drugstore, searching for happiness in a cheap beauty product. Some recent finds:

Differin Gel – my dermatologist recently told me about this retinoid acne gel, which used to only be available by prescription. It’s pretty awesome and works! ($15/$30)

Violet Flower Hand Mask – not sure about the “intense moisture” it provides but the gloves are cool and the violet scent is so luxurious, totally worth the $4.99 price tag. Korean beauty products – they know their stuff.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay – my youngest teen and her product-knowledgeable best friend love this stuff! ($9)

ARDEN Magnetic Lashes – can’t WAIT to try these! ($13.99)

Beauty 360 Rose & Pearl Brightening Mask Pods – I really hope these work well. They are really pink and pretty. They also come in a pack of 2 and include a cover so you can re-use them! I like a product that leaves me prepared. ($4.39)



Saguaro is a Style Star



The Saguaro cactus has exploded onto the home decor scene, especially at Hobby Lobby. Wall prints, stationery, laundry bags and more–all imprinted with happy little cactus depictions—seem perfect for a teen room remodel! They are also a nice little diversion from the entire region of Christmas accessories that are quietly plotting their takeover of the store.

The Power Suits Us

Every few years and mostly in the fall, the “menswear” look emerges as a fashion trend for women. But this year, I think it couldn’t be more important. Here are a few of my favorite pieces from Stein Mart, which highlight tweed, houndstooth and even varsity striping on jackets, pants, boots and even jumpsuits as a modern twist on the menswear trend. To avoid looking like Melanie Griffith’s pre-makeover character in Working Girl, I think subtlety works best when adding these into your wardrobe.

I’d argue that, right now, the power suit has no greater meaning.

Get Your Arizona GameDay On…


We are less than one month away from our first 2018 kickoff at Arizona Stadium and I have been eagerly scouting out Tucson and online for new GameDay dresses, T-shirts, jewelry, and everything in between to get ready. Costco’s Wildcat paper plates? Got em! Listen, I was born in Texas, where football is as sacred as church on Sundays and you dress up for games. You just do. You can google “Gameday Dress” and what comes up immediately are girls from Southern colleges dressed to the nines.

That said, it has taken the West a little bit longer to get on board with unique gameday apparel. And when I say “unique,” I don’t mean slutty. The majority of apparel in this region still consists of T-shirts and maybe a dress or two that a Size 0 co-ed could pull off. University of Texas has its own cologne, for crying out loud! Plus, it’s hot as frick when the season starts in Tucson and maybe we don’t want to wear jeans until November, K?

So, here is a list of stores–besides the UA bookstores—that have cool, unique Arizona clothing and accessories, including for women over the age of 25, both in T-town and online. Happy Shopping!


Plunkett’s Hallmark – managed by two beautiful UA grads and sisters, Plunkett’s carries Gameday Couture items, cute shoes and jewelry. This really needs to be your first stop.

Embellish Home – has a nice stylish selection of UA tunics and Arizona cuff bracelets, as well as, trendy Alex & Ani bracelets.

Dillard’s – carries the Retro Brand shirts, which are slimming and nicely cut for all sizes of women. They also carry cute red and blue dresses, but you have to hunt for them.

Arizona Attire at La Encantada – It moved upstairs! I almost freaked out that it had closed, but no, it’s where the old Bebe used to be. A little pricey, but nice jewelry, shirts, pullovers, pajamas and the coveted clear purses for the stadium.

VS Pink – Very cute, original jerseys and sexy UA shirts. I think they are only at the La Encantada and Park Place locations, though. Not sure about Tucson Mall.

Plato’s Closet – An unexpected place as it’s very teen-driven, but an entire rack of UA shirts, including brand new VS Pink shirts. Don’t write this place off. You’ll be driving your teens there anyway so might as well look for you!


www.gamedaycouture.com – an amazing idea that started on Shark Tank and has since exploded in popularity. Only a few limited items for Wildcat fans, because again we are not Texas, argh! But, very cute, stylish tops and dresses. Items sell out so fast, so you have to order quickly.

www.hypeandvice.com – recently found this cute site! Crop, trendy UA sweatshirts and tube tops. Definitely a little young for me, but those with abs will enjoy the selection!