Tribal Vibes


Around the desert, you can expect to pay a pretty penny for authentic turquoise jewelry, but a cool shop on Etsy offers up stunning cuffs, rings and necklaces for affordable prices. This $48 turquoise cuff is from ZamarutJewel on the crafting site and has the same vibe as the pricier findings around town.

The shop owner, favorited by more than 12,000 Etsy customers, sells vintage tribal and bohemian pieces from around the world, featuring stones from Afghanistan, Nepal, India and Pakistan. “Each piece of jewelry has a story, every stone tells a tale,” her site says. “The pieces come from various regions around the world.”


Old Town Artisans – Tourist Paradise

Every guest who visits, at one time or another, asks this question: “Oh, where should I go in Tucson when I visit?” I’m always like….Kartchner Caverns, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Colossal Cave, Pinnacle Peak — all places I never go! So, I decided to check out the tourist shopping spot, Old Town Artisans. It’s near the scenic El Presidio neighborhood and offers cool western boots, cases of turquoise jewelry (I fell in love with one turquoise cuff until the sales clerk said it was $1,000–yeah, not so much…). There are also homemade leather bags and kind of a treasure trove of vintage items and desert gifts. While you shop, guitar music wafts in from the courtyard and there’s a nice little cafe called La Cocina. It’s definitely worth a trip, especially if you are going to the Tucson Museum of Art, because it’s right next door. So, my little day of acting like a tourist was pretty informative, especially if I ever need a $1,000 turquoise cuff!