Pop into Pop Cycle

A visit to the shops on Fourth Avenue is always a fun treasure hunt, if you can handle the parking stress. Pop Cycle, a boutique devoted to local art, carries so many Tucson-centric gifts, you have to devote some significant time to browsing so you don’t miss anything. There are wall boards brimming with vintage Tucson magnets, kitschy T-shirts (who doesn’t love a cactus shirt that says “Don’t Be a Prick!”) and cowboy plaid shirts with cute felt desert creatures.

Pop Cycle, www.popcycleshop.com, founded in 2008, is also dedicated to making beautiful things out of old, which is in line with Tucson’s status as a City of Resale.

BUT, cool magnets aside, the coolest purchase from Pop Cycle is a $22.95 homemade Wilbur or Wilma hat! It’s smart to stock up on your Wildcat stuff now, because one day, we are going to be really good!