Hunter Boots at Tucson Target Stores

First tipped off to this by beautiful reader Elizabeth, it’s now big news that Hunter is releasing its collab with Target in stores this Saturday, April 14.Β The Hunter for Target collection includes boots, backpacks and clothing, but will only hit select spots. In Tucson, the three stores include the El Con, Irvington and Oracle Road locations, according to the Target website. But you can also order online and with a Target Red Card, enjoy early access. My friend K in Denver is already planning her early morning route. While the boots look a bit different than the originals, I bet they will sell out like the Missoni collab a few years ago.

Duchess Life – Hunter Boots in Tucson


Sometimes this desert girl wonders what it would be like to tromp through the English countryside in glamorous rain boots, like say… Duchess Kate. Whenever I see Hunter boots, this fantasy always tempts me to buy them. But then I remember I live in the driest place on the planet for most of the year and sigh, I pass them by. Nonetheless, if you too would like to have stylish Hunter boots, they are available in various colors right now at Nordstrom Rack. And to the girl who asked me where I get all this time to shop (with a disapproving tone, I might add), sometimes a mom has time to kill while waiting to pick her child up from sports, ok?!