Serena Williams Style

Here are some of my favorite Serena Williams looks because she is truly, amazing! Heading into the semifinals of Wimbledon 2018 after having a baby and dealing with life-threatening health complications……unbelievable.

The cover girl of InStyle magazine this month, Williams says she used to feel that she had to apologize for who she was, that she needed to be softer. Haven’t we all felt that way at some point or another? That we had to conform to what we thought people wanted? Williams is a textbook example that you should never doubt who you are, you should embrace it.

As Roger Federer said, she is the best female tennis player…..ever!

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Taking My Hair to Hask

Because I have highlighted and curled my hair to an inch of its life, I deal with frizzy hair on a daily basis. Think Monica from the Friends episode when they go on a tropical vacation.

I’ve literally tried everything, frizzy is just my hair’s natural state. BUT….I have recently tried Hask masks because the brand’s magazine ad says its products are used on more Hollywood sets than anything else, or something like that. So far, I have used the Hask Orchid and White Truffle version. I can’t quite tell if it’s working its magic yet, but the indulgent smell and softness of my hair after the first use have me SOLD! Especially for summer, since humidity, desert sun, salt water, sand, travel and different climates make frizziness even more special.

Hask was initially launched in Europe in 2012, incorporating exotic oils into its shampoo, conditioner and styling products. It has since gone global and is available at Walgreens!

Tommy Hilfiger is SO Back!


Tommy Hilfiger must be a happy billionaire these days because his red, white and blue clothing is trendy again with the younger set. The display above is from Urban Outfitters, and the line is showing up in millennial boutiques everywhere. I once  bought a navy TH rain jacket in 1996 when I was living in Atlanta and it was a warm, rainy day and I wanted to look as cute as a drowned, frizzy-haired rat could look. I kept the jacket, wore it on my honeymoon in Hawaii and it has since stayed in my closet for the last 22 years! My teenager found it the other day and I’ve never seen her so happy. The other teen isn’t so happy, but I think they’ve agreed to share it. Bravo Tommy for staying relevant all these years! Can’t say as much for Guess jeans.

Desert Summers Get You In a Knit…

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When it’s 100 degrees and above here in T-town, there truly is one thing I long for….a knit dress. (Read: T-shirt material). It’s the most forgiving thing you can wear when your butt is sticking to your car seats, you’re sweating more than you’re hydrating, you’re makeup is melting off, you wish you’d shelled out the money for eyelash extensions and you just want a break already!

So, I’ve been searching for these magical knit dresses and they are not easy to find here! You really have to hunt. But it’s worth it. Here are a few T-town places I have found them and please feel free to msg me yours. Girls gotta help girls!

Nordstrom Rack

Posh Boutique 


Old Navy


Francesca’s (if you are tiny)


Good Knit Hunting!

The Bold Type is a Fashion Writer’s Dream

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If you love fashion and have ever dreamed about writing for a magazine like Vogue, Elle or Marie Claire (me, me and um, me), The Bold Type** is the best show on television. And this is from a girl who often has ESPN on every night (what can I say….dual passions!) This show is everything! It’s on Freeform and now in Season 2, but do yourself a favor and look it up On Demand so you can watch Season 1 or even YouTube… can thank me later, or curse me, whichever fits. If ONLY I had an editor like Jacqueline in my early years as a reporter…Yeah, it’s a fantasy, but that’s what makes this show magic.

**Note: The show does have a lot of sex scenes and a lesbian relationship, which is just a heads up for moms.

Hostess with the Mostest


One of the best hostess/housewarming presents I ever received was a basket of luxurious hand soap, a candle and monogrammed hand towels. It was like someone finally guessed the staples that we all really need, but sometimes don’t buy for ourselves….like socks. I have since copied her and always gift these same personalized towels, which are actually napkins that you can buy at Tuesday Morning for $4.99. Which, by the way, I also buy in bulk for my own guest bathroom. Of course, you can buy more expensive versions from Etsy and Ballard Designs, but in a pinch, these are amazing.