Summer Dressing for Over 40

When your arms aren’t as toned as you’d like because most of your day is spent driving teens to their social obligations, here are some great ways to dress for summer!

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K-Beauty Hits Tucson CVS Stores

You no longer have to order your bee venom moisturizers, snail mucus balms and bubble masks online. CVS is now carrying Korean beauty products. It appears that CVS, as a chain, has been carrying these lines since last year, but I’ve only recently seen them pop up in the T-town stores–aren’t we the last to get everything? The CVS at Swan and Sunrise has them for sure, while the Sunrise and Kolb location also carries other social media faves such as Wunderbrow and Rapid Lash products. I’m partial to the snail mucus, it’s very moisturizing, but am a bit intimidated by the bubble mask. Anyone have any feedback on that?

Plato’s Closet = Teen Thrifting Paradise

With Victoria’s Secret PINK and lululemon finds greeting you as you walk inside, Plato’s Closet is my kids’ new favorite resale place to visit. An entire wall of ripped jean shorts in tiny person sizes, teen dresses and crop tops are just a few of the reasons my girls beg me to take them here as much as possible. One bonus I found for me was the rack of UA and NFL jerseys – including Matt Leinart’s jersey when he was quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals. Yeah, I bought that!

Blinged Out-Wedges for Galas



At 45, high heels are getting harder and harder to wear. I just don’t have the stamina nor do I want to be in pain. And with ball season in full swing–some that are decidedly outdoors on grass–I just really don’t feel like aerating said grass this year. So, very happy to find blinged-out wedges at DSW and Dillards, which are not only beautiful but are also pretty functional and don’t puncture my heel into soft surfaces. Check out the Adila wedges at DSW ($59.99); and at Dillards, the Adrianna Papell Adore metallic wedges ($119) and the Jessica Simpson Salona Shimmer wedges ($89).

Tubac Golf Resort: Arizona’s Hidden Gem

Tubac Golf Resort is my favorite escape in southern Arizona. Just driving through the gates, about 45 miles south of Tucson, makes my anxiety disappear and my heart smile. From the frosty margaritas to the tiny but decadent spa, the towering trees and the rustic grounds. This is the most special place! Tin Cup was filmed here. There are saddles to sit on in the bar. Did I mention the margaritas?

The spa has a cute little shop of skin and makeup products, including Eminence of Hungary, Tocca perfumes, Aveda and Jane Iredale, but Tubac Golf Resort is the one place where the room beauty products (shampoo, conditioner, lotion) smell just as luxurious. I hoard them.