It’s More Fun Buying Used Clothes…


A pink fringe skirt. A white feather and lace dress. White snow boots and a vintage leather jacket.

They are all things I have bought used this past year in Tucson and online, and all of them garnered more compliments than my new clothes. In fact, I now have more fun buying used clothes than new. TheRealReal founder, Julie Wainwright, said it best when she commented last year, “People don’t care if their clothes are new anymore.”

It’s also one thing Tucson does really well! This desert city is a hub not only of edgy, but luxury resale fashion. After working at the stylish Posh Boutique for three years, I won’t buy a new designer bag again. Like ever. If I need a ski sweater or sweet cowboy boots, I will head to Buffalo Exchange.Β When my kids want to go thrifting, they sell and buy at Plato’s Closet. And when I’m looking for other fashionable treasures I can’t find in T-town, I’m obsessed with ThredUp, an online resale marketplace.

Considering Australia is on fire largely because of climate change and our global glut of retail fashion is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases, buying resale and recycling our own clothing is something to seriously think about in 2020. I mean, the royals do it!




Plato’s Closet = Teen Thrifting Paradise

With Victoria’s Secret PINK and lululemon finds greeting you as you walk inside, Plato’s Closet is my kids’ new favorite resale place to visit. An entire wall of ripped jean shorts in tiny person sizes, teen dresses and crop tops are just a few of the reasons my girls beg me to take them here as much as possible. One bonus I found for me was the rack of UA and NFL jerseys – including Matt Leinart’s jersey when he was quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals. Yeah, I bought that!