Get Gameday Ready at Arizona Attire


It’s less than one month before the first UA football game, so it’s time to stock up for Game Day!ย Arizona Attire at La Encantada (second level) has some very cute things right now, including new shirts, dresses and accessories. Dreamcatcher earrings anyone? The store is also stocked up on plastic purses! And I mean not just one style, but several! Someone finally got creative with the concept of a clear purse for the game. They don’t last forever either, these bags, so get yours before they sell out. Arizona Attire also has some nice sales right now, and when you are done, you can head down to VS Pink to see their new football offerings. Wow, I love this time of year!


Get a Free Lipstick Tomorrow!

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Tomorrow is National Lipstick Day! You can cash in on this faux holiday at a few places in Tucson:

The Cosmetics Company Store at Tucson Premium Outlets is giving away a free lipstick with the purchase of a lipstick. MAC is giving customers a free lipstick with any $25 purchase. Enjoy your Monday!

Bebe Finds New Life on

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Though Bebe, which once had a store in La Encantada, has closed (seems to be a Tucson trend of late…). The brand has found a new online hub on, and it’s really worth checking out!

Personally, I was always a bit leery to walk into the store when it was here because it seemed just a bit much, a little too in-your-face sexy. Plus, the Tucson store mostly carried smaller sizes. But, now that it’s online, Bebe has a better vibe.–which in itself, is an amazing site for unique clothing at a low price–carries some really pretty dresses by the brand, and most are less than $40. I have recently purchased a pink jumpsuit and a red, flowy dress — both of which fit well and didn’t make me feel like I was trying to be a teenager, grasping at my youth, trying to be something I’m not… get the gist.

Though the site still carries Bebe’s blingy, crystal studded clothing too, it’s definitely worth browsing through the dresses. There are some good finds!

Just Need to Cover Up First…

Feeling some inspiration from these swimsuit coverup ideas…

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Plunkett’s – Proud Seller of 4Ocean Bracelets


It’s no surprise that Plunkett’s Office Products would carry the 4Ocean bracelet.ย The eastside Tucson store, run by two incredible sisters and UA grads, has always been ahead of the curve on innovative products. The store’s Wildcat merch alone sets a high standard for cool factor.

But this $20 bracelet, made from recycled materials, funds global trash cleanup efforts by 4Ocean, a company launched by two surfers. The purchase of one bracelet pays for the removal of one pound of trash from the oceans and coastlines. The company’s website,, is impressive so far, with videos of its recent cleanups. Operating out of several countries, 4Ocean has plucked almost 5 million pounds of trash from our beaches and coastlines in less than two years.

For all the scary news about our struggling environment, here’s a company actually doing something about it. I’ve never been prouder to wear a bracelet!


Let’s Goe! A Travel Body Oil


I consider myself product-obsessed to be sure, so seeing a glistening silver tube by a brand I had never seen before on a recent trip, you can bet I tried it.

Goe Oil, by Jao Brand, is a semi-solid oil, made from 28 plant-derived oils and butters. It melts as you rub it in your hands, which I didn’t realize, and took too much and got it all over me. So, long story short, I left the boutique, but found myself enveloped with the most amazing scent all day long. I literally smelled like Hawaiian flowers and my skin felt amazing.

The creator of Jao Brand, Gale Mayron, developed her skin care line with her chemist father. “I formulated this with my father saying,Dad I want a semi-solid oil I can travel with that will melt when I rub it together,’ she writes on her website, “My father always said this was one of the most difficult projects heโ€™d ever worked on. Intricate formulation indeed. Nobody would be crazy enough to combine 28 different oils, waxes, and butters!”

I ordered it from Amazon when I got home and use it on the days when lotion just doesn’t cut it.

Snake Season

While I hate running across them this summer, they are quite the fashion influencers…

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