Bebe Finds New Life on

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Though Bebe, which once had a store in La Encantada, has closed (seems to be a Tucson trend of late…). The brand has found a new online hub on, and it’s really worth checking out!

Personally, I was always a bit leery to walk into the store when it was here because it seemed just a bit much, a little too in-your-face sexy. Plus, the Tucson store mostly carried smaller sizes. But, now that it’s online, Bebe has a better vibe.–which in itself, is an amazing site for unique clothing at a low price–carries some really pretty dresses by the brand, and most are less than $40. I have recently purchased a pink jumpsuit and a red, flowy dress — both of which fit well and didn’t make me feel like I was trying to be a teenager, grasping at my youth, trying to be something I’m not… get the gist.

Though the site still carries Bebe’s blingy, crystal studded clothing too, it’s definitely worth browsing through the dresses. There are some good finds!

Cannes Do It

Some of my favorite looks from the 2019 Cannes Film Festival…

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Tod’s in Tucson

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Tod’s is a luxury brand that seems to go unnoticed in Tucson, especially in resale stores. Yet, its Italian roots are as storied as Ferragamo and Missoni. The brand was founded in 1920 by Filippo Della Valle in his basement but made its way into American department stores by the 1970s. Today, Tod’s still produces handcrafted leather driving shoes and bags made with the highest-quality materials and techniques. Chairman Diego Della Valle—the founder’s grandson– continues to bank on this tradition. Della Valle has also donated millions of euros toward the restoration of the Coliseum in Rome. You can expect Tod’s goods to be of sterling quality and the brand continues to have stores all over the world. So, if you see Tod’s signature shoes and bags in resale stores here, you should snap them up!

Tasty Monsoon


I’ve been droolingly (a word?) following the Instagram account of Tucson’s Monsoon Chocolate and finally had to visit the place this week. Monsoon Chocolate encompasses both a chocolate factory and a petite cafe, located at 234 E. 22nd St., which opened earlier this year. The place is at the corner of 4th Avenue and 22nd Street–a short drive south from Armory Park. While its website is under construction, you can buy Monsoon’s chocolate bars, wrapped in stunning artful wrappers, and bon bons at the cafe, and also find its goodies around town at places like The Loft Cinema, for one. A specific shout-out to the Mesquite White Chocolate bar, which features ground mesquite pods from the San Xavier Cooperative Farm. It is very unique in taste and color, it is vintage Tucson and a great desert-themed gift for the upcoming holidays.


When it’s 100 Degrees, I Dream of Suede

As I don my standard uniform for the next sweaty three months–workout pants and flip flops–I like to think of what could be when it finally drops below 100 degrees…

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