Saguaro is a Style Star



The Saguaro cactus has exploded onto the home decor scene, especially at Hobby Lobby. Wall prints, stationery, laundry bags and more–all imprinted with happy little cactus depictions—seem perfect for a teen room remodel! They are also a nice little diversion from the entire region of Christmas accessories that are quietly plotting their takeover of the store.

The Power Suits Us

Every few years and mostly in the fall, the “menswear” look emerges as a fashion trend for women. But this year, I think it couldn’t be more important. Here are a few of my favorite pieces from Stein Mart, which highlight tweed, houndstooth and even varsity striping on jackets, pants, boots and even jumpsuits as a modern twist on the menswear trend. To avoid looking like Melanie Griffith’s pre-makeover character in Working Girl, I think subtlety works best when adding these into your wardrobe.

I’d argue that, right now, the power suit has no greater meaning.

Trench Coat as Dress

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Ever since actress Priyanka Chopra rocked this trench coat gown at last year’s Met Gala and the Duchess of Sussex wowed the world in a sleeveless Burberry trench dress this summer, I’ve been curious to know if this is a look that’s accessible for the masses. It’s what I do when the steady days of 100-plus-degrees have relegated me to yoga pants.

One search on (which by the way, everyone should do…so efficient!) answered my question. There are many affordable options of this look, which is a stylish alternative to the plain Jane dress–you can click on the store names below to go straight to the dress. Anthropologie carries my favorite version by Eva Franco, while Saks Off Fifth has a crisp, white Calvin Klein trench dress. Finally, Nicole Miller has a detachable crop top to help style this off-shoulder version.

Especially in the desert, the trench dress is a more wearable option than its long-sleeved, bulky big brother–which doesn’t have a chance until our three days of winter.


Style is an Open Book…


Elle Editor-in-Chief Nina Garcia has penned four books on fashion and style, including my favorite, The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own. This book is a must-have if you love fashion or are just looking to add some style into your busy life. In addition to detailing the 100 pieces every woman, no matter her age, should have, the Project Runway judge also includes tidbits of fashion history, fun quotes and insider tips. The silver book also features the stunning fashion illustrations of Ruben Toledo. While you can obviously click to buy on Amazon, try browsing through resale bookstores like Bookman’s too as it was published in 2008.

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Friday Night Find


I mean….is there anything you can’t find at Target? This adorable football shirt, along with a few others like it, retails for $19.99 at everyone’s favorite store. It’s the perfect thing to snuggle up with as you watch the game this weekend.

Sure, your team may lose, your quarterback may be struggling, your season may be off to a rough 0-2 start after being hyped on the cover of Sports Illustrated…you know, hypothetically.

But you will look adorable whilst you watch…and hope….and pray.