Fringe Festival


If there’s one 2019 trend that’s tailor-made for Tucson, it’s fringe. With Rodeo Break coming up, there’s no better reason to wear it. And, the western-themed strands shouldn’t be too hard to find in this town of boot stores.

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Scarf Style by Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo is one of the style icons I often follow on Pinterest. Her style, which is definitely unique to her, offers some new wardrobe ideas and fresh combinations. I’m not sure what her job is other than look fabulous all the time and not eat, but I particularly love how she incorporates scarves into her outfits. She’s even been known to wrap one around a wrist as a bracelet. Some fun ideas below:

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These Pins are Desert Gems


Amid the diamonds and precious gems at this year’s Tucson Gem & Mineral Show, there is a fun little booth to check out called Lauren-Spencer Group LLC. The company carries these cute desert crystal pins of cactuses, Wildcat paws and “Wild Cats” pins. Lauren-Spencer also has the delicate, drapey necklaces that the younger set loves, along with initial necklaces and horoscope bracelets. The company visits shows all over the U.S., but only in Tucson can you buy the jewelry outright, instead of order it.

Pink and Gold

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Barbie Pink is the Color of Happy

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If Emily Blunt’s beautiful dress last night and Christian Siriano’s latest Insta posts are any indication, Barbie pink is the trending color right now. And honestly, I can’t think of anything the world needs more at this moment. Everything about the bubble gum-color exudes happy and pretty and harks back to childhood memories. Like, when you didn’t get the Barbie Corvette that you asked for, but realized your roller skate would work just as well!

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Rachel Roy: One of Macy’s Best Secrets

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Designer Rachel Roy is one of the highlights of shopping at The designer, of Dutch and Indian descent, creates beautiful, modern dresses, jumpsuits and tops that are part of her diffusion line available at Macy’s since 2009. Roy has also fought hard for her success. At age 14, her father, a hardworking janitor, left her at the mall until she found a job—which she did, folding T-shirts at an aquarium.* Roy later found her way to Contempo Casuals, then Roca Wear and eventually, her own line, which launched in 2004. She is famously known for turning a T-shirt into an edgy prom dress for Teen Vogue.** Though her designs can’t be found in Tucson Macy’s stores (suppress eyeroll here..), you can find them online, as well as, her own website

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*”How Rachel Roy Battled to Win Back Her Fashion Empire,”, Oct. 2015.

**”Fancy That,”, Mar. 2009.


The Gown is from Walmart


Before you scoff, it’s true. carries evening gowns. You may have read that is going after Amazon and doing all in its power to stock as many and varied items as the company that made Jeff Bezos the master of the world. Well, that includes formal dresses. And before you get all judgy, let me list some of the brands that you will find: Parker, Tadashi Shoji, Teri Jon, Lanvin and Marchesa Notte! Um Ya! So, don’t say you can’t find a gown when there are many creative places besides Nordstrom, Dillard’s and the other usual suspects to find that special dress!