T-shirts to a T

The most basic and essential thing every woman needs is a white T-shirt. So, why are good ones so hard to find? I’ve been a Target girl on this for so long, but those just seem to be getting worse and worse in quality. So, I found two Madewell white T-shirts recently at Nordstrom Rack, and for $30 each, they better be amazing! I’d love to know your picks on where to buy the best white T-shirts?!

2 thoughts on “T-shirts to a T

  1. Yes! This has been my eternal frustration, I want a white shirt that isn’t too see through, that isn’t too long, that isn’t too tight, that isn’t too loose and flowy. The struggle was real. And then I found the secret, children’s boy shirts fit me and was the perfect style for what I wanted, if you can find one that fits, see how it works!


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