Corset Comfort


Nothing pleases me more—with a nuclear bomb being dropped on the UA basketball program right now— to write about fun, inconsequential things…like corset belts!  This is an amazing trend for women, in my opinion, especially us older ones who would like a little camouflage around the waist area. And who knew that I would find said corset belt at a Millennial, size-000 store like A’GACI at Park Place? A group of moms and I stumbled into this store last night, looking for “Hoco” dresses with our teens (it’s so hard for this generation to say “Homecoming,” you know?) and voilà! I might go back and buy it when I’m alone because when I took this picture, I got some eye-rolling and judgment from my own teen.

Fit for a Music Festival


With the Oro Valley Music Festival this coming weekend (think Tucson’s Coachella), there is an eclectic boutique perfectly up to the task of costuming you and your Millennial. Creations Boutique, which has locations on Fourth Avenue and Speedway Boulevard in T-town, is the boho destination. Be warned, this store is not for the pattern-averse, but if you want to capitalize on the last days of the kimono trend before winter, it’s a worthy shopping stop. A huge sale is also going on right now with $15 racks. Creations also stocks gold jewelry, drapey sweaters and a Pinterest-famed fedora or two. For East Siders, a good stop after browsing Bookmans!

Balmain or Bust

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Balmain Paris is one of the coolest, chicest fashion brands of our time. The label is consistently behind the most architecturally creative dresses that hit the red carpet, especially at the Met Gala. Balmain has a very chic warrior-meets-urban cowgirl vibe that sadly, we will probably never find in T-town, but always good to dream.

Cowgirl Chic


IMG_0160Tucson can do cowgirl chic.

It’s one of the few fashion treasures to be found in this desert city. Even our schools have off for Rodeo, so yes, we know our Western, thank you very much! Not even when I lived in Texas did we have a holiday totally devoted to appreciating the culture and lifestyle of the West. And now, with Elle magazine, just naming “luxury Western” as one of the fall fashion trends, there’s no better time to boot up.

One of the city’s go-to spots for all things luxe cowgirl is Boot Barn on Broadway. You probably miss it because it’s next to a Walgreens (insert eye-rolling face here), but despite its obscure location, the most beautiful boots are to be found here, including Dan Post, Shyanne and Ariat.  The rustic, musky smell that greets customers is proof that this three-decades old store has the real thing, with gorgeous boots ranging in price from the low $100s to upwards of $500.

Yet, Boot Barn also has edgy turquoise jewelry, boho-chic dresses and tops, blinged-out belts and unique home furnishings too.

Face it, Western will always be stylish…says the woman who just put a longhorn on her fireplace.

Emmys Best Dressed 2017

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