Call Sign: Charlie

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I watched Top Gun last night and it was like a Christmas present from my teenage self. That movie was 1980s perfection, when Tom Cruise was just a hunk and not a wacky Scientologist; when men had preppy haircuts and amazing abs, when all my friends and I just wanted to be Charlie for a day, and finally, when leather jackets and aviators just made life worth living. At least that last part still holds true today! This look will never go out of style…

**Btw, if you want a brutal reality check, Google the actors from that movie and see what they look like today! 


Because it’s Friday after a long week, and the government may shut down at midnight and looking at these pink dresses just makes me happy…
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The Thigh’s the Limit

Some of my favorite thigh-high boot looks, followed by Ugg’s latest idea. No joke, Vogue magazine posted the thigh-high Uggs on Instagram TODAY in tribute! I’m…….just not feelin’ it.

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Duchess Life – Hunter Boots in Tucson


Sometimes this desert girl wonders what it would be like to tromp through the English countryside in glamorous rain boots, like say… Duchess Kate. Whenever I see Hunter boots, this fantasy always tempts me to buy them. But then I remember I live in the driest place on the planet for most of the year and sigh, I pass them by. Nonetheless, if you too would like to have stylish Hunter boots, they are available in various colors right now at Nordstrom Rack. And to the girl who asked me where I get all this time to shop (with a disapproving tone, I might add), sometimes a mom has time to kill while waiting to pick her child up from sports, ok?!

How to Dress Like an Urban Cowgirl

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This Texas-born, Arizona resident is obsessed with the chic cowgirl look. So much so, that I begged my mom to paint me as one! (Hey, a girl can dream…) This look is timeless, stunning and one that us desert dwellers can wear again and again without judgment. Maybe not so much in Maine, but I digress.  The texture and craftsmanship of cowboy boots, the gorgeous hues of turquoise jewelry, the smell of luxe leather….all of it just makes our upcoming Rodeo Break a little Tucson treasure! The fashion magazines are also allured by cowgirl style because it’s a constant theme in their spreads, ( i.e. Julia Roberts’ cover look for the December 2017 issue of Instyle) 

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Laser-Cut Luxe


On a recent trip to New York, I spent the afternoon at The Museum at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) and “the most fashionable museum in NYC” as it tags itself! One of the dresses was a laser-cut leather that created a beautiful scale pattern (pictured left), almost like an exotic snake. You wouldn’t think to find something that unique in T-town but lo and behold, Stein Mart is selling a jacket right now with a similar scale pattern (pictured right). As dreadful as local retail shopping can be, there’s a treasure or two to be turned up. Search “laser cut leather” on Pinterest for some other cool ways to wear it!


Emerald and Maroon, Who Knew?

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I love this color combination…. And of course, it’s on Queen Bey! But the earrings……not so much! They would yank my existing pierced holes into oblivion! Plus, I love posting pics of Beyonce, because my husband thought she was Miss America when we saw her on the Oscars many years ago. It still makes me laugh to this day! “Who is that? Wow, she is beautiful! Is that Miss America?” I can’t help him.