Scent of a Cactus

The desert has been quite the fragrance inspiration these days. Proenza Schouler, Hermès are just a few of the fashion giants who have turned a fascination with rugged beauty into a perfume. Btw, it wasn’t that long ago that Donatella Versace created a stunning line of gowns inspired from her brief stay in Arizona. We truly live in the most beautiful place. So, that said, though T-town doesn’t have immediate access to a Saks or a Nordstrom, we can find this theme among stores we do have. I’m speaking of Target, where you can buy this scent above….and honestly, it’s a saguaro among scents.

Whimsy Finds New Tucson Digs


A Park City favorite, Whimsy boutique is opening on T-town’s East Side soon, yet its location will definitely need our shopping support! It’s soon-to-be-opened new digs take residence at the corner of Camino Principal and Tanque Verde (all you TCC gals can walk there!). That site has been a wedding dress store, the first site of Embellish and more recently, a candy store–all since vacated. Whimsy,, which previously had a location on Oracle Road, has already outfitted its new windows with adorable wraps and statement jewelry. I even scored one of the store’s cute metallic clutches at a Christmas gift exchange a few years ago! No word yet on its grand opening, so I’ll keep you posted! Nice to know this is the start of a Tanque Verde boutique trail—Whimsy, Embellish and Posh–all in one easily drivable path.

Lady Primrose at Tuesday Morning


Lady Primrose is one of those luxe, historic brands from London that, ironically, the South just adores. Whenever I would visit my relatives in Texas, I always came home with tons of it. When I got married, I received a silver decanter of Lady Primrose lavender to dust on my pillows at night. It has since become one of my favorite brands to gift people. The beautiful and classy Chris Ecklund carries the brand in her stylish Pear Tree House here in Tucson. But, right now, you can find the amazing candles at Tuesday Morning (Sunrise & Kolb) for half off the $44 retail price! They smell amazing and come in the cutest little feminine wrapping. Your next hostess gift? Done.

Gather Vintage Market – Best of Tucson


My friend Haley, who knows every cool thing there is to do in T-town, took me to Gather A Vintage Market a few weeks ago and I can’t believe I’d never been to this amazing place! Located at St. Mary’s Road and the highway (you can just say “the highway” here because yeah, there’s basically one), this market is a treasure trove of the coolest old furnishings, jewelry, wall hangings and vintage accessories. It’s our own Magnolia Market from Fixer Upper! You even feel like Chip and Joanna Gaines as you walk through the place. Across the way are additional little markets with unique gifts and home furnishings. Picked up the two beauties above and can’t wait to go back again and again! Check out their dates for the rest of the year:




Pacifica Wipes Rock My World


I just learned from a mom friend that these little beauties from Pacifica are called “pit wipes” and you can find them at Target and on Amazon! Perfect for all our non-driving athletes in basketball, soccer, cheer, volleyball, color guard…..anything in which you need to smell better afterward! Your car might thank me!