Plato’s Closet = Teen Thrifting Paradise

With Victoria’s Secret PINK and lululemon finds greeting you as you walk inside, Plato’s Closet is my kids’ new favorite resale place to visit. An entire wall of ripped jean shorts in tiny person sizes, teen dresses and crop tops are just a few of the reasons my girls beg me to take them here as much as possible. One bonus I found for me was the rack of UA and NFL jerseys – including Matt Leinart’s jersey when he was quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals. Yeah, I bought that!

Blinged Out-Wedges for Galas



At 45, high heels are getting harder and harder to wear. I just don’t have the stamina nor do I want to be in pain. And with ball season in full swing–some that are decidedly outdoors on grass–I just really don’t feel like aerating said grass this year. So, very happy to find blinged-out wedges at DSW and Dillards, which are not only beautiful but are also pretty functional and don’t puncture my heel into soft surfaces. Check out the Adila wedges at DSW ($59.99); and at Dillards, the Adrianna Papell Adore metallic wedges ($119) and the Jessica Simpson Salona Shimmer wedges ($89).

Tubac Golf Resort: Arizona’s Hidden Gem

Tubac Golf Resort is my favorite escape in southern Arizona. Just driving through the gates, about 45 miles south of Tucson, makes my anxiety disappear and my heart smile. From the frosty margaritas to the tiny but decadent spa, the towering trees and the rustic grounds. This is the most special place! Tin Cup was filmed here. There are saddles to sit on in the bar. Did I mention the margaritas?

The spa has a cute little shop of skin and makeup products, including Eminence of Hungary, Tocca perfumes, Aveda and Jane Iredale, but Tubac Golf Resort is the one place where the room beauty products (shampoo, conditioner, lotion) smell just as luxurious. I hoard them.

Tom’s is a Tucson Treasure

I used to drive past Tom’s Fine Furniture & Collectibles at the dreary corner of Pima and Craycroft with a bad attitude. Ugh, seriously, who shops there?

Well, apparently SMART PEOPLE DO! High-end interior designers, fashion collectors and many other people who are much smarter than I am!! How have I not known about this magical place? I have lived in Tucson for almost 20 years with no clue how cool Tom’s is. You need at minimum, five hours, to really get a feel for the place. Incredible furniture pieces, vintage signs, art and don’t even get me started on the vintage fashion and jewelry departments, ok? Furs, lucite bracelets, designer purses, estate jewelry, turquoise! My friend Haley — the one who knows all cool things about T-Town– found TWO Gucci suitcases there. I think I’m going once a week from now on.

Hunter Boots at Tucson Target Stores

First tipped off to this by beautiful reader Elizabeth, it’s now big news that Hunter is releasing its collab with Target in stores this Saturday, April 14. The Hunter for Target collection includes boots, backpacks and clothing, but will only hit select spots. In Tucson, the three stores include the El Con, Irvington and Oracle Road locations, according to the Target website. But you can also order online and with a Target Red Card, enjoy early access. My friend K in Denver is already planning her early morning route. While the boots look a bit different than the originals, I bet they will sell out like the Missoni collab a few years ago.

Old Town Artisans – Tourist Paradise

Every guest who visits, at one time or another, asks this question: “Oh, where should I go in Tucson when I visit?” I’m always like….Kartchner Caverns, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Colossal Cave, Pinnacle Peak — all places I never go! So, I decided to check out the tourist shopping spot, Old Town Artisans. It’s near the scenic El Presidio neighborhood and offers cool western boots, cases of turquoise jewelry (I fell in love with one turquoise cuff until the sales clerk said it was $1,000–yeah, not so much…). There are also homemade leather bags and kind of a treasure trove of vintage items and desert gifts. While you shop, guitar music wafts in from the courtyard and there’s a nice little cafe called La Cocina. It’s definitely worth a trip, especially if you are going to the Tucson Museum of Art, because it’s right next door. So, my little day of acting like a tourist was pretty informative, especially if I ever need a $1,000 turquoise cuff!

Kanye Fave Carhartt at Miller’s Surplus


The newly stylish construction clothing line, Carhartt, is a Kanye West favorite of late, according to Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, and apparently Tucson is in the loop. Miller’s Surplus, the age-old military stock-up store near downtown, carries the line of sturdy jackets in black as well as the trademark Carhartt brown that, as the sales assistant said, “there’s just something about…” I agreed! I bought a brown Carhartt tool belt for work!!

Miller’s store, a Tucson landmark since 1951, is a warehouse full of military garb and real camo. It also features showcases of military pins and patches for those who want to rightfully honor our armed forces or just dress the part. A bonus is the signature “Greetings from Tucson” mural painted on the store’s side. I always wondered where that sign was…