Back in Black

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Since Taylor Swift is embracing her dark side as of recent, I’m following suit. All I want to wear these sweltering days is black knit, which by the way is impossible to find in T-town! I have a black maxi dress and a black short dress and they are the two things I dig through the laundry to find each week. They hide sweat and cover belly fat. Enough. Said.

Stylish Eclipse

Happy Monday! Some dresses inspired by our 2017 Solar Eclipse. Sadly, in the desert, with no special glasses, I only noted that it was shady and five degrees cooler at 10:40 a.m.!

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Catch Me if I Fall…

Dreaming of fall…please get here fast!

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Finally, A Comfy Trend


Yes, I know these are clearly for girls younger than 45, the millenials, the Pinterest muses….but I. Don’t. Care. The minute I tried on these furry slides ($22 at Target), I bought them. They are so incredibly comfortable and they don’t cause that between-the- toe pain from too much flip flop-wearing. Do they look like I’m wearing my bedroom slippers outside? Yes, they do. But, I’m not wearing them with pajamas so I think it’s fine.

Hot Girl

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I am done with this weather. It’s that time of year when it feels like Arizona and Florida had a baby. 100 degrees plus 70% humidity, and as a bonus–the rattlesnakes are still out! And I think I mentioned in my bio about the thigh-sticking issue! Well, I’m officially starting the countdown to Halloween–a date when we all delude ourselves that it will magically turn cold, only to find that relief closer to Christmas. Hope there are many pools around for you all to jump into!

A Wildcat Goes Rogue

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There’s an amazing line in the movie, The Blind Side, where Sandra Bullock’s character tells her adopted son, Michael Oher: “I think you should go to Tennessee, but I will not wear that dreadful orange….it’s not in my color wheel,” she tells him. I have been a red- and-blue Arizona Wildcat for almost 20 years. But now, my sweet daughter is going to a high school whose colors are maroon and gold– the exact two colors of the enemy, Arizona State. Because I want to support her and I love football, I’m trying to find some clothing with maroon and gold colors. It’s a monumental task, because wearing those two colors seriously feels like a betrayal. But I will persevere…

Mom Jeans are BACK!

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They are back, with of course, a twist so you would have to buy new ones if you wanted to follow this trend. But my teen daughter informed me that high-waisted, cropped jeans (which are very similar to the oft-maligned “mom jeans”) are indeed having a moment! If bodysuits had a revival, you knew something else from the recent past would return.

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