Rock Blue Velvet This Holiday

Every girl can wear red and green, but why not choose a lush blue velvet dress this holiday season? The color is universally flattering and we have six less days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year to wear beautiful holiday dresses, so gotta take advantage! Nordstrom, Dillards and have stunning options right now…

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The Brilliance of the Lace Duster

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A little fashion lesson from Bachelor in Paradise…

Though I watch this trainwreck of a show each week and then ache for humanity afterward, leave it to Nicole to totally impress with her white lace duster. (BTW: I know that’s Gigi in the picture, but she’s also wearing one) A duster is beautiful, it camouflages the backside and it’s easy to take on and off over jean shorts and a swimsuit. It can also be paired over a slip dress, jeans, a romper, etc.

As luck would have it in T-town, TJ Maxx carries a large selection of lace dusters right now and since it’s 109 degrees with no cool down in sight, it might be a nice purchase for Labor Day weekend!

Get a Free Lipstick Tomorrow!

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Tomorrow is National Lipstick Day! You can cash in on this faux holiday at a few places in Tucson:

The Cosmetics Company Store at Tucson Premium Outlets is giving away a free lipstick with the purchase of a lipstick. MAC is giving customers a free lipstick with any $25 purchase. Enjoy your Monday!

Snake Season

While I hate running across them this summer, they are quite the fashion influencers…

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A Little Southern Comfort


This post is a specific shout-out to my Texas girl, E.King! I hope you are reading this! But also, to all my Southern, sweet-tea loving friends–is this not THE. CUTEST. SHIRT. you have ever seen? I want to buy every single one of these long-sleeve plaid tops with every Southern saying that they make. I found this “Bless Your Heart” version for $40 at a booth during CMA Fest in Nashville, and fan-girled all over the shop owner – one Casey Burcalow of Gemini Gypsy. While Burcalow is working on her website, you can follow her “happy boho hippie wear” on Instagram – @geminigypsytx, and DM her an order.  I certainly plan to, y’all!

Target’s New Dressing Room is a Love Letter to Women

Thank you, Target, for the beautiful and kind redesign of your dressing rooms. Not only do they feature stylish wallpaper and modern chandeliers, they really give women an important gift: ONLY ONE MIRROR!  What’s more, the mirror is positioned in a corner of the dressing room, so it’s possible to hide from that accusatory and judgmental thing until the desired garment to try on is safely on your body.

I recently went to My Sister’s Closet in Scottsdale and the dressing room had a mirror on both sides!!! WHY on earth would you do that to women? Because I want to see what’s become of my back side after 46 years? Yeah, not so much!

Thank you Target, for allowing me to live in denial and happily so!

Cash Cow


Since the day Meghan Markle wore cow print heels on an official royal visit, this trend is on! Amal Clooney followed up with a cow print clutch, Kylie Jenner posed in a cow print maillot and now, cow print is an official thing. I’m finding a lot of items on Etsy, including vintage Just Cavalli heels, a bikini, leggings, workout tops and numerous clutches. And also a little search on Shopstyle shows some very cute blouse and skirt options. The Texas girl in me loves how fun this print is, especially in the midst of planning a cowgirl-themed party next week, I’ve become a little obsessed. Enjoy your own little online searches for this pastoral print!

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