River Island – My New Fave Online Store


Sometimes it really feels like we live in a fashion desert here, thirsting for unique designs and creative construction. Though T-town excels in cowboy boots and turquoise jewelry, the most innovative fashion can still mostly be found online, sigh. I found a new site that I’m adding to ASOS as one of my new favorites: River Island, (www.riverisland.com)

With stores scattered across the UK and Ireland, this High Street fashion brand truly offers unique and beautiful pieces. In fact, it was browsing through the accessories department that inspired me to make a jeweled fur collar. River Island is a cool new place to visit for a piece of clothing that’s all your own.

Now a note on sizing: all are in UK sizes so make sure to look up which size will fit you best. That’s super fun lol because a size 8 in the U.S. is like a 16 or something there. Ugh why?

(Illustrated above: the Mustard yellow tie front pencil skirt – $76)

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